Indiana Repertory Theatre

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Based on the original story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Adapted by R. Hamilton Wright and David Pichette

Join Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as Baker Street's fabled detective duo investigate a deadly threat to the heir of the Baskerville estate.

"A Superb Cast...the fog is as thick as the tension and the audience is sucked in from the first moments of the eerie opening scene...Marcus Truschinski as Holmes and Matthew Brumlow as Dr. Watson are a match made in casting heaven." StageWriteIndy, Indianapolis

"Each of the actors under Peter Amster's direction brings to life his or her character with wit and compassion...respectful of the original but full of surprises...the costumes, music and more are gorgeous...Matthew Brumlow nails the role of Dr. John Watson." Nuvo, Indianapolis

"Every detail of this production seems to be assembled with great care and aplomb...the cast is an impressive collection of talent...Brumlow somehow reminded me of Martin Freeman's portrayal while not copying in any way...both of their Watson's have a certain upstanding nature that strongly shows through and is spot-on...this Holmes tale is an immense and ambitious production." A Seat on the Aisle, Indianapolis

"High Entertainment...A Pure Delight...First Rate Creative Team...Amster's expertise in this genre is once again evident in his direction...Truschinski was ideal as Holmes as was Brumlow as Watson and together the actors conveyed just the right mix of personal and professional rapport." Indy Examiner, Indianapolis

Theoretical Entertainment Presents:

Where We Started

A feature film

Directed by Chris Hansen

Written by Chris Hansen


Upcoming screening and one week run at Arena Cinema, Los Angeles - May 2014
Upcoming screening and one week run at Breakthrough Festival, NYC - June 2014

When there's a line you know you shouldn't cross...what makes you cross it anyway?

Two strangers who have reached the age where life's disappointments begin to add up consider other options.